Welcome to Year 5DJ!

Welcome back! We hope you have had a lovely break and are ready for the Autumn term.

The teacher in Year 5DJ is Mr Jokhi. The teaching assistant is Miss Heron.

Autumn 1 Learning
In Maths we have been looking at place value and addition and subtraction up to the millions. In English we have been reading Kensukes Kingdom and learning how to write descriptive paragraphs and diary entries. In Topic we have been learning all about the Mayans.

Autumn 2 Learning

In Autumn 2, our topic was all about the human life cycle and how we change as we age: we looked at  how our bodies grow and develop and how old age affects us as well as how to keep ourselves healthy. We also looked at how other cultures celebrated Christmas. In literacy we /Pixar film the Disney used Up! as our inspiration to create a character biography and later we went on to write a dramatic action story about a struggle between a secret agent and a pigeon on its quest to eat a delicious bagel.

Spring 1 Learning
In Spring 1, our topic was science based we have been learning all about forces – looking at air resistance, gravity and water resistance; we have created and tested our own parachutes to protect our Lego people! along with the history of forces and the famous and important scientists such as Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei. In literacy, we have also been learning about deforestation and the devastating global impact it has on our planet. We have learnt to write persuasive letters and have started a setting description describing a tropical rain-forest using our senses as well as figurative language.

Spring 2 learning!

Next term  our topic focus is local history so we will be looking at the local history of Dukinfield and its importance in its relation to  Manchester. How it has developed from a small village to a large town and its role in the industrial Manchetser. In science we will also be looking at materials and their properties.


Homework will be given out at the beginning of the half term. The homework will include current maths number facts targets to learn, as well as the terms spellings which are tested weekly. In addition, the children can choose from a range of English, Maths and Topic activities directly related to their class learning. All home work should be handed in during the last week of the half term when it will be celebrated

Sp2 homework attempt y5

Reading Books

Each and every child in class has   reading book that is chosen specifically at their level of reading that they can take home. Throughout the school the pupils are expected to regularly practise reading at home (15 mins daily minimum). Each child will be listened to read at least once per week by an adult. In order to further help accelerate the every childs reading they must also complete a reading quiz about their specific reading book that will take place on the computers before a child can take home a new book.

Finally, we know that accidents can happen from time to time and books can get damaged or lost so if that is the case please inform the school. We may ask you to pay a small fee to cover the cost of a replacement book.


Class Dojo

We use Dojo points in school to reward positive behavior. You can see the points your child has been awarded. Please sign up and stay in touch as Year 5DJ currently only has a 67% sign up.

Snack/ Water

If you would like to provide your child with a healthy snack, they can keep this in their tray or book bag. If you would prefer to have an extra snack provided for your child by the school, there is a cost of 20p per day. The children are responsible for looking after this money, and buying the snack at play time.

Please provide your child with a labelled water bottle. These can only be filled with water (not juice!).


We have P.E. EVERY Tuesday and Thursdays. For P.E. children will need a plain white t-shirt, black shorts and black pumps in a bag. Physical fitness is essential in school and also compulsory. A healthy body and a healthy mind.

Please ensure these are all clearly named.


This half term we will be researching the local history of Dukinfield and its famous places and people. We will also be looking at materials and their properties.