Please see below the correct school uniform for pupils. When pupils wear a school uniform they all feel equal and part of the school and parents also feel that a uniform is better value for money than everyday clothing.

School shoes with no heels for safety reasons.

Grey skirt/pinafore or trousers (not Black).

Pale blue polo shirt (with or without school logo).

Navy blue jumper or cardigan (with or without school logo).

Grey or white socks or tights.

Blue and white gingham dress for the summer months (optional).

PE Kit:

Black shorts/ White T shirt and pumps or trainers.

Hair bobbles, clips and headbands should be navy blue. No false nails, nail vanish or make up to be worn in school.  No jewellery should be worn but small stud earrings and watches are acceptable. This ensures the safety of all the pupils whilst in school.

Uniform can be purchased from

Top Marks Schoolwear,

82 Old Street,

Ashton under Lyne, OL6 7JR

Uniform can also be purchased directly online, at Gooddies Ltd via their website. Uniform can be delivered by the company to school at no additional charge.  Embroidered garments are not held in stock so please visit the website to check delivery dates.