Lyndhurst Primary School Staff List

Leadership Team

Mrs Jane Woolfenden

Mr Warren Bowden 
Deputy Headteacher – Year 6 Class Teacher

Miss Sophie Barnett
Assistant Headteacher – Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs Laura Chapman
Nursery Teacher, SENCO and Pupil Premium Co-ordinator

Mrs Sandra Silvera
EYFS Leader and Reception Teacher

Mrs Dena Savill
Pastoral Support Manager

Mrs Sharon Hall
School Business Manager


Teaching Staff

Miss Charlotte Lewis
Year 1 Class Teacher

Mr Jonathan Allcock
Year 2 Class Teacher

Miss Katie McGowan
Year 4 Class Teacher

Miss Kayleigh Blyth
Year 4 Class Teacher

Miss Paula Davies
Year 5 Class Teacher

Support Staff

Mrs Kate Harrop

Mrs Janice Carr
Attendance Mentor

Mrs Suzanne Walker
Administrative Assistant

Miss Donna Gee
Special Support Assistant

Miss Sandra Whitehouse
Breakfast Club


Teaching Assistants

Miss Hazel Heron

Mrs Jackie Whalley

Mrs Gillian Green

Mrs Helen Greenwood

Mrs Fran Cooper

Mrs Anne Knight

Mrs Julie Anderson

Mrs Lorraine Moorfield

Mrs Wendy Jones

Mrs Kirsty Bayliss

Miss Rebecca Hooley

Mrs Lisa Devane

Ms Suzanne Tovey

Miss Kim Cropper


Site Manager

Mr Graham Healey


Midday Assistants

Mrs Tracy Robinson

Miss Lisa Johnson

Mrs Renee Chard

Mrs Ann Swann

Miss Deborah Ford

Miss Sarah Ingham

Mrs Samantha Shaw

Mrs Elizabeth Lampard


Cleaning Staff

Mrs Tracy Robinson

Mrs Samantha Shaw

Miss Lindsay Austin

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